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One of our clients has done rather well for herself on Photocrowd with n image taken on one of our Landscape photography workshops last year. Below are the judges comments. Congratulations Kathy!

“I really liked this image because, for me, it is all about the 'peace in the valley' rather than the drama in the hills and that is an essential pastoral quality. The break in the grasses in the foreground provide a leading line through to the opening light around the farm buildings and the line of the rustic stone wall provides a balancing reverse echo of the smoothly contoured hills. At first, I wondered if I would have been tempted to tweak the lighting but I think that would have unbalanced the image and possibly added drama where none was needed. The image already works as a whole and the predominance of green is resolved with the differing shades of green combining with the clarity and the subtle changes of light in the scene. Much to look at ... Thank you.”

Reviewed by John Firth

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“Swaledale in the buttercup season” by Kathy Sztanko