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“I enjoy all kinds of photography, especially landscapes and abstracts. I like to create a mood in my photography either in camera or in post processing. Most of my post processing is done in Adobe Photoshop CC which I can’t live without. I like to experiment with textures and layers often taking images with textures specifically in mind. Plugins are another of my delights in post processing, namely Topaz Adjust, Silver Efex Pro and Photomatix Pro for that HDR effect. I’ve recently been awarded my ARPS by the Royal Photographic Society with a travel panel, based on a series of images of the Isle of Skye. The assessment itself was very nerve wracking especially as one of the judges was none other than Joe Cornish himself.”

 Book Ends.

Still Life.

The Barn on the Hill.

Glen Etive Tree.

Stolen Kiss.

Feeding Time.

 Acer Leaves.

 Birds of a Feather.

 Autumn Seat.

Window Junk.

The Underpass.

Coffee and Cake.

Down the Track.

Emma Bristow.

The Evil Monk.

The Busker.

Heather Sunset.

Keeping Cool.