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Waterfall workshop:
Cost: £85.00
Duration: 10.00am - 4.00pm

This workshop will show you how to capture the many moods of water and waterfalls. Although stunning to look at, it is not easy to capture the effect in camera to avoid the falls themselves burning out or the picture being too dark overall. Whether you want to freeze the action or blur the water, we will show you how it’s done. The waterfalls we use on this course are either on private land (that we have full permission to use) or are some of the lesser known falls in the area. This course will teach you:

Cauldron Force by Kevin Wilson

Who are the courses designed for?

The waterfall workshops are designed for the amateur or enthusiast photographer wishing to improve or learn waterfall techniques. We will teach you how to capture the many different moods of water, from fast flowing rivers and turbulent waterfalls to silky smooth water effects by varying the shutter and aperture settings. How the use of neutral density and polarising filters affect the finished shot. All in the wonderful surroundings of Swaledale. We visit some of the lesser known waterfalls in the area away from the crowds.

What do I need to know beforehand?

You should be familiar with the controls and menus of your digital camera, even if you are unsure how to use them properly. We recommended that you bring along your camera user manual if there are specific issues we need to deal with. We will give you practical advice on the different mode settings (P,A,S,M Av and Tv), metering, quality settings (RAW + JPEG) scene modes, ISO settings, White Balance and Exposure Compensation. Do not worry though if your camera does not have all of these features.

What gear do I need to bring with me?


“Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the above camera gear. We can advise you about camera gear that will suit your needs and we also have a spare filters, adaptors, tripods etc that we can loan you for the day.”